Read out loud

Read the book from the app out loud to your kids and the Readmio application will play the sounds and music at the very right moment. No need to push a button. Your voice is the trigger.

Works off-line

The voice recognition engine works completely offline and none of your data (or voice) is sent to any servers.


You do not need an internet connection for the app to work during reading. The internet connection is only required when you want to download a new book. With the download of the book, you get all the sounds and text locally saved in your phone.

Organized into Categories

We have organized the books into various categories like age to make it easy for you to find the best stories to tell.

iOS and Android

We are working hard to bring you the iOS version for beta testing. The app will support iOS 12+. The Android version will come after the beta testing stage.

The Technology

We are using the best voice recognition technology to make this app work. Just read the story and let the magic happen. For best results, avoid reading in noisy environment.

New fairytales

We bring you new fairytales with curated sounds and effects every week, every month. The app is free for personal use. We appreciate your feedback.