The journey

May 1, 2020

After long time, we are almost ready to release our read aloud books app for iOS and Android. We all hope that we created something, which people will love.
As it often happens, we started with just some sketches using pen and paper.  Really, just writing ideas down on paper. We still have them. Looking back to these sketches now, the basic concept and navigation did not change much.

After some time of contemplation and thinking about the product we made our first draft designs – which were later changed many times. We used Sketch as our main design tool.

We also tried to articulate the value proposition and rough business model. We decided that this application will be free for users and we will try to persuade sponsors to support us. This way we can spread our mission to more people.

The first demo application was finally working after months of work. Since then, we focused for 10 more months (as of writing this post) to create hundreds of sound effects, fairytales, translations and so on and on. Our team consists of a musician, two developers, two writers, one designer and multiple external translators.

We hope you will enjoy the app.

Readmio team