Our mission

February 20, 2020

We all live in a hectic world and there is less and less time for our kids and family. We believe that such a great thing as reading to kids deserves our attention and in the long-term, it will make a huge and positive impact.

We wanted to create something good for people, but we did not know exactly what, just that it is connected with reading. We wanted a product that people will love, kids want to use and parents enjoy, instead of falling asleep while reading after a hard and busy day. We both enjoyed the discussions which many times ended after midnight.

After a two or three months of talks, on a phone call we came with the idea of Readmio. The read aloud children’s book app that can support the storytelling for kids, and make the parents fall in love with reading (or more than ever before). And something we would be happy to work on!

Our mission is to help parents and kids be together. Read together.