Why storytelling

February 21, 2020

Why do fairytales have a great significance? Marek Herman, a recognised psychologist answers.

“I love them very much. Fairytales are ancient stories, which we tell each other for centuries or even thousands of years. They are not just ordinary stories. We hand them down because they contain hidden guidelines on how to deal with the most difficult tasks and problems, that await us in life. They are the lessons about life. 

Fairytales sum up the experiences and wisdom of our ancestors. And they open the gate to archetypes or old patterns. If you don’t have someone who reads fairytales to you, it will at least complicate your life in the way that you will have no clue on how to proceed in certain situations in life. You will have to rediscover the wheel again by yourself! Instead of order, you will have chaos in your head. For instance, if a young girl listens to the fairytale about Cinderella again and again, she will know deep inside, that life can be unfair sometimes, but if she stays strong, works hard and stays honest – then everything will end up well. If she does not know the story, she can have a feeling that life is unfair and forever will be unfair.”